Who are we?

The organization has been established by women with different backgrounds, from all around Dalmatia with a main purpose to provide professional and personal support for women of all age groups, nationalities and backgrounds.

Our goal

Udruga aims to create and support social initiatives that at the same time benefit the entrepreneurial sector and provide opportunities for transnational cooperation, networking, exchange of knowledge and good practices among women entrepreneurs.

Femina targets socially disadvantaged groups, such as women by fostering an environment of collaboration, creativity and collective empowerment on a transnational level.


Our goal is a construction of a women’s centre in Split-Dalmatia County aimed at providing all kinds of meaningful support for women of all age groups, nationalities and backgrounds, to start, lead and grow their own business and provide opportunities for personal development of women.


We have been given support and recommendations from private organizations and public bodies from all around Europe in order to establish our female Centre. Our partners and collaborators are non-profit and non-governmental organizations in the fields of entrepreneurship, education, health and wellbeing, social inclusion; chambers of commerce, institutes for entrepreneurship development, social enterprises etc

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